Retaining Walls


Redi-Rock® retaining walls are an engineered system that looks great, and stands the test of time.

A retaining wall is a structure designed to keep or "retain" soil behind it. Retaining walls are often used where extra support is needed to prevent the ground from moving downhill due to erosion. In addition to their erosion control, retaining walls can also help create useable land space on slopes that are otherwise to steep.

Redi-Rock retaining walls use massive, one ton, concrete blocks. The massive weight of these blocks means retaining walls can be built with minimal excavation, and often no reinforcement. Redi-Rock walls are known for long-lasting performance, even when used in a marine environment, and they hold up well to storms.

Redi-Rock retaining walls are not only durable, but they look great too. Each stone in the Redi-Rock system is made using architectural-grade precast concrete, and they are designed to look just like natural stone. They are available in multiple textures and colors.

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